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  1. Hugh Scanlon: The Role of Militancy
  2. New Left Review: Che Guevara
  3. E. H. Carr: Revolution from Above
  4. Gareth Stedman Jones: The Pathology of English History
  5. Rex Mortimer: Communists and the Australian Left
  6. H. B.: The Laboratory Technician
  7. Irving Wohlfarth: Presentation of Adorno
  8. Theodor Adorno: Sociology and Psychology (Part I)
  9. Hide Ishiguro: On 'Japan--Asian Capitalism'
  10. Jon Halliday: Reply to Ishiguro
  11. Ken Coates: The Motor Industry
  12. B. B.: 'Economics and Ideology and Other Essays'
  13. Angus Hone: 'Economic Recovery in Britain 1932-1939'
  14. Reza Shirazi: 'Politics and the Military in Jordan'
  15. Victor Kiernan: 'Succession in India'
  16. Fred Halliday: 'Orbit of China'
  17. Jon Halliday: 'The Japanese Communist Movement'
  18. J. H.: 'The Southeast Asian City'
  19. Fern Rich: 'The New Legions'
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