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New Left Review I/45, September-October 1967

Anouar Abdel-Malek

The Crisis in Nasser’s Egypt

During September 1966, there was a significant governmental shift in Egypt. Zakariyya Mohieddin, for long the régime’s strong man, was replaced by a Colonel of Engineers, Sidky Soliman, who had for several years been Minister responsible for the Aswan High Dam. Interpretations of this shift differed; but in any case the transition was cut short. After a period of mounting tension on the Arab frontiers in the spring of 1967, Israel launched an all-out war, bombing airfields in Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq, and capturing within a week the west bank of Jordan, Sinai, Jerusalem and the Golan heights. The overall consequences of this crushing military defeat are not yet fully manifest. But, as far as Egypt is concerned, it constitutes a major crisis in the development of the nation.

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Anouar Abdel-Malek, ‘The Crisis in Nasser’s Egypt’, NLR I/45: £3

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