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New Left Review I/43, May-June 1967

Ben Brewster and Alexander Cockburn

Revolt at the LSE

For a week last March normal life in the London School of Economics was violently disrupted. For nine days and nights students maintained permanent occupation of the lse buildings, braving suspension, police intervention and constant obloquy from almost every newspaper, magazine, television commentator. Classes and lectures were largely boycotted. Under student pressure the administration were forced to keep the School running continuously. Their efforts to deny the students heat, light and even access to sanitation were thwarted. In the main hall, during normal teaching hours, the students were lectured by someone whose contract had been refused renewal by the economics faculty a year before. During the nine days, the students received messages of solidarity and support from 357 student bodies: from outside Britain, they received support from France, Spain, Latin America, the United States and Scandinavia. With the exception of just one person the entire National Union of Students endorsed their action at the Easter Conference.

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Ben Brewster, Alexander Cockburn, ‘Revolt at the LSE’, NLR I/43: £3

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