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New Left Review I/41, January-February 1967

Quintin Hoare

Discussion On ‘Women: The Longest Revolution’

In nlr 40 some thirteen and a half thousand words, rich in quotation from Marx, Engels and Lenin, from Louis Althusser, Claude LéviStrauss and Talcott Parsons, were used by Juliet Michell to back up her advocacy of four reforms: equal education, free state provision of oral contraception, legalization of homosexuality (strange demand in an article on women, considering that it is only male homosexuality which is illegal in Britain: and why should Cuba be singled out for Juliet Mitchell’s indignation?), and the abolition of illegitimacy (just like in Sweden and Russia!).

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Quintin Hoare, ‘Discussion On 'Women: The Longest Revolution'’, NLR I/41: £3

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