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  1. Jean-Paul Sartre: Imperialist Morality
  2. Quintin Hoare: Discussion On 'Women: The Longest Revolution'
  3. Juliet Mitchell: Reply to Q.Hoare
  4. W. J. F. Jenner: History in the Manufacture
  5. Owen Dudley Edwards: Reporters and Liberals
  6. H. B.: 'Pioneer America'
  7. M. P.: 'On Modern Art'
  8. M. P.: 'Lettres a T. Briant et C. Valence'
  9. I. G.: The Reactionaries: W.B.Yeats. Wyndham Lewis. Ezra Pound. T.S. Eliot. D.H. Lawrence.
  10. R. F.: In My Own Land
  11. J. G.: 'The Novel and Society'
  12. Ben Brewster: Presentation of Althusser
  13. J. G.: 'Tolstoy and the Novel'
  14. M. L.: 'Bechuanaland: Pan-African Outpost or Bantu Homeland'; 'Bantustans: The Fragmentation of South Africa'
  15. Louis Althusser: Contradiction and Overdetermination
  16. New Left Review: El Lissitsky
  17. El Lissitsky: The Future of the Book
  18. Jiri Hajek: Literature between Myth and Politics
  19. Monty Johnstone: The Communist Party in the 1920s
  20. James Petras: Dominican Republic: Revolution and Restoration (Part II)
  21. C. B. F.: White Overalls