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  1. New Left Review, NLR Editorials: Summer Manoeuvres
  2. Charles Taylor: Changes of Quality
  3. Peter Marris: Apathy: A Case to Answer
  4. John Saville: Apathy into Politics
  5. Sol Encel: Forward from Marxism
  6. John Hughes: The Commanding Heights
  7. Duncan Macbeth: The Motor Industry
  8. Raymond Williams: The Magic System
  9. Royden Harrison: Retreat from Industrial Democracy
  10. Dorothy Thompson: Farewell to the Welfare State
  11. Michael Artis: The Defence Burden
  12. John Rex, Peter Worsley: Campaign for a Foreign Policy
  13. Neil Carmichael: Not Waiting for Lefty
  14. Lawrence Burton: Shell Watches Over Us
  15. David Caldwell: Cult of Violence
  16. Nick Faith: Shipbuilding up the Creek
  17. Alan Sillitoe: What Comes on Monday?
  18. Alex Hamilton: Valete in the Jamaica Road
  19. Rex Winsbury: Come Back Africa
  20. Edward Thompson: Countermarching to Armageddon
  21. Jim Garst: Uncle Sam’s Leaden Age
  22. Colin Falck: City of The Disinherited
  23. Peter Gillman: Recreative Arts
  24. Bruce Reid: The Croydon Club
  25. Lawrence Daly: Fife Socialist League
  26. Harold Silver: Can the Clubs Grow?
  27. New Left Review, NLR Editorials: Letter to Readers
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