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New Left Review I/35, January-February 1966

Michael Barratt Brown

The Economics of Developing Countries

I write to correct certain major errors of analysis and of emphasis in the review of H. Myint’s book with the above title that appeared over my name in nlr 31. These errors result in part from the fact that the review was so heavily edited as to amount almost to a complete re-write; but they also arise from my own failure to appreciate Myint’s general purpose and framework of reference. This should have been clear to me had I recalled Myint’s very valuable article in Oxford Economic Papers of June 1954. My attention has been drawn to these errors by R. H. Green and G. B. Kay, recently of the Economics Department of the University of Ghana. I am most grateful to them and hope that they will contribute a full statement of their views in a future issue of nlr. In the meantime the following errors require correction.

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Michael Barratt Brown, ‘The Economics of Developing Countries’, NLR I/35: £3

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