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  1. Hamza Alavi: 'The Crisis of India'
  2. Perry Anderson: Socialism and Pseudo-Empiricism
  3. Alan Beckett: The New Wave in Jazz: Free Form
  4. Peter Berger, Stanley Pullberg: Reification and the Sociological Critique of Consciousness
  5. Peter Berger: Response to Brewster
  6. Ben Brewster: Comment on Berger and Pullberg
  7. Michael Barratt Brown: The Economics of Developing Countries
  8. Centre for Socialist Education (CSE): Statement of Aims
  9. John Goode: 'The Diary of Alice James'
  10. Michael Lipton: The Mythology of Affluence
  11. Sam Maugar: Communist Party Congress
  12. Lucien Rey: Guilt by Association
  13. Maxime Rodinson: What Happened in History
  14. Lee Russell: Alfred Hitchcock
  15. T. W.: 'Militant Chez Renault'
  16. T. Wignesan: Robert Curtis’s Review of 'Bunga Emas'
  17. H. R.: Primary School
  18. T. S.: Secondary Modern
  19. Richard Tillinghast: Poems