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New Left Review I/33, September-October 1965

C. B. Macpherson


It is quite generally thought to be commendable, but only marginally worth-while, for a political theorist to devote any great attention to economic assumptions, much less to economic theory. The general separatist trend of political science is quite understandable. As political science becomes a more confident, more developed, and more extensive discipline, the natural tendency is for it to seek a greater measure of independence. Along with the trend to separatism in political science has been a marked trend towards empirical, value-free analysis. The concern with values, which was central in the great theoretical writing on politics in the past, has been pushed out to the fringes of the subject as empirical work has proliferated.

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C. B. Macpherson, ‘Post-Liberal-Democracy?’, NLR I/33: £3

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