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  1. Alan Beckett: The New Wave in Jazz: Ornette Coleman
  2. Michael Barratt Brown: Intellectual Underdevelopment
  3. Robert Curtis: Bunga Emas
  4. Eric Hobsbawm: French Communism
  5. Gareth Stedman Jones: London and the Revolutionaries
  6. New Left Review, NLR Editorials: Introduction to 'Work' Series
  7. Conor Cruise O'Brien: The Congo, the United Nations and Chatham House
  8. H. Orlando Patterson: Outside History: Jamaica Today
  9. James Petrie: Berkeley and the New Conservative Backlash
  10. Alain Robbe-Grillet: Nature, Humanism and Tragedy
  11. Joan Robinson: Piero Sraffa and the Rate of Exploitation
  12. E. S.: Factory Money
  13. D. J.: Factory Time
  14. Alain Robbe-Grillet: The Way Back
  15. Geoffrey Nowell-Smith: Francois Truffaut