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New Left Review I/3, May-June 1960

Denis Butt

Men and Motors

This article—the first of two on the motor industry—discusses trade union structure and organisation, the tangled pattern of wages, the role of the shop steward, the problem of automation, and the political attitudes of motor workers in the Midlands. Much of the factual industrial and trade union material came from discussion with Mr. J. L. Jones, Midlands Regional Secretary, Transport and General Workers’ Union. We should like to express our thanks to him, and to the many other trade union officials, shop stewards and car workers, who willingly co-operated in their limited spare time. None of them is responsible for the article or the opinions expressed. In the second article, Duncan MacBeth will deal with the importance of the motor industry to our economy, and the problems which arise from the unplanned use of the motor car.

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