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New Left Review I/26, July-August 1964

Tom Wengraf

Southern Rhodesia

Whenever there has been an attempt to raise the problem of the racist régime in Southern Rhodesia—whether in the United Nations, the House of Commons or elsewhere—the British Government has always sought to protect the régime by pleading first that it is a matter which concerns London and Salisbury exclusively, second that it does not concern London because she is bound by a convention not to interfere in the affairs of her self-governing colony, and finally that there is really almost no problem because the principle of majority rule is already established and will manifest itself as a matter of historical inevitability (thus The Times—a convert to historicist fallacies?). In fact, there is a racist régime in Southern Rhodesia which is rapidly evolving towards a South African position, Britain’s responsibility for the situation there cannot be shuffled off on to alleged conventions of no judicial standing and pressure both on the Conservative Government and on the Labour Government will be needed to ensure that Britain assumes her responsibility in a rapidly degenerating situation.

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