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  1. Tony Topham: Shop Stewards and Workers' Control
  2. Ernest Mandel: After Imperialism?
  3. Ken Coates: AEU Elections
  4. New Left Review: The Centre-Left Moves Right
  5. Lucien Rey: The Revolution in Zanzibar
  6. New Left Review: The Socialist Register
  7. W.E. Willmott: Cambodia
  8. New Left Review, NLR Editorials: Introduction to Ianni on Brazil
  9. Octavio Ianni: Political Process and Economic Development in Brazil (Part I)
  10. Michael Parsons: Karlheinz Stockhausen
  11. Lee Russell: Jean Renoir
  12. Alan Beckett: Recent Coltrane
  13. Tom Nairn: Hugh Gaitskell
  14. David Cooper: Sartre on Genet
  15. C. L. R. James: Rastafari at Home and Abroad
  16. Ronald Dore: Maruyama and Japanese Thought
  17. Tony Benn: Fabianism and Colonialism
  18. Ioan Davies: Reply to Anthony Wedgwood Benn
  19. Herminio Martins: 'The Peculiar Institution'
  20. R. M.: 'Le syndicalisme africain'
  21. Martin Legassick: 'South Africa’s Rule of Violence'
  22. Martin Rossdale: 'Fringe Medicine'
  23. John Howe: 'Our Lady of the Flowers'
  24. Quintin Hoare: 'A History of the USA'; 'A History of the USSR'
  25. L. R.: 'The Long Shadow'
  26. Ian Campbell: 'Neutralism'
  27. L. R.: 'Poet in Exile'
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