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New Left Review I/236, July-August 1999

Ben Griffith

Competition and Containment in Health Care

The health care systems of the capitalist democracies have been subjected to radical transformation during the 1990s. [*] Thanks are due to Robin Blackburn, Peter Draper, John Griffith and Geof Rayner for their comments on an earlier draft of this article. This transformation has been rooted in the perceived need to control the cost of health care to the state and business, given factors such as the increasing range of effective services, the growing number of elderly people and changes in patients’ expectations. A central component of the response has been the attempt to unleash market forces in this sector, in line with the ideological convictions of right-wing governments.

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Ben Griffith, ‘Competition and Containment in Health Care’, NLR I/236: £3

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