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  1. Ishay Landa: Nietzsche, the Chinese Worker’s Friend
  2. Ben Griffith: Competition and Containment in Health Care
  3. Rosemary Mellor: Changing Cities in Post-Soviet Russia
  4. W. G. Runciman: Social Evolutionism: A Reply to Michael Rustin
  5. Steve Rigby: Medieval England: To Have and Have Not
  6. Alex Callinicos: Social Theory Put to the Test of Practice: Pierre Bourdieu and Anthony Giddens
  7. Timothy Bewes: Europa and Utopia: How Cultural History Deals with the Paradox of Modernity
  8. Andrew Gamble: The Last Utopia
  9. Michael Lowy: Surrealism’s Feminine Side
  10. Victoria Brittain: Colonialism and the Predatory State in the Congo