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New Left Review I/234, March-April 1999

Edward Said

Protecting the Kosovars?

Once again, and led by the United States as usual, a war is being conducted—this time in Europe—against an unprincipled and racist dictator who will almost certainly survive the onslaught, even though thousands of innocents will pay the actual price. The pretext this time is, of course, the persecution, ethnic cleansing and continued oppression of Albanians in the province of Kosovo by the Serbian forces of Slobodan Milosevic. For Palestinians, 1948 was like this minus cnn: at that time 780,000 were evicted from their houses and property by Zionist forces. They remain a nation in exile fifty-one years later.

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Edward Said, ‘Protecting the Kosovars?’, NLR I/234: £3

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