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New Left Review I/232, November-December 1998

Michel Aglietta

Capitalism at the Turn of the Century: Regulation Theory and the Challenge of Social Change

My book, A Theory of Capitalist Regulation, was written more than twenty years ago. [1] This is an edited version of the postface to the new edition of Michel Aglietta, Régulation et crises du capitalisme, Odile Jacob, coll. Opus, October 1997, augmented with a new post-face. The first edition was translated as A Theory of Capitalist Regulation: The US Experience, New Left Books, London 1980 and the new edition will be published by Verso in 1999. The new edition perhaps testifies to the longevity of the ideas it sought to communicate. These two decades, however, have not been kind to anyone trying to make sense of the erratic and sometimes disconcerting development of contemporary societies. Here, I should like to say how the ideas contained in the book have stood this test, and how they can be modified or extended so that we can try to understand the dramas we are witnessing and the hopes of renewal we cherish as this twentieth century draws to its close.

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Michel Aglietta, ‘Capitalism at the Turn of the Century: Regulation Theory and the Challenge of Social Change’, NLR I/232: £3

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