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  1. Jurgen Habermas: There are Alternatives
  2. Robert Wade, Frank Veneroso: The Gathering World Slump and the Battle over Capital Controls
  3. Bruce Cumings: The Korean Crisis and the End of 'Late' Development
  4. Perry Anderson: A Sense of the Left
  5. Norberto Bobbio: At the Beginning of History
  6. Perry Anderson: A Reply to Norberto Bobbio
  7. Malcolm Bull: Slavery and the Multiple Self
  8. Susan Watkins: An Allegory from Atlantis
  9. Nicholas Jacobs: Trials and Triumphs of East German Publishing
  10. Gregor McLennan: The Question of Eurocentricism: A Comment on Immanuel Wallerstein
  11. Immanuel Wallerstein: Questioning Eurocentricism: A Reply to Gregor McLennan
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