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New Left Review I/23, January-February 1964


‘The Communist Foreign Trade System’; ‘Corruption in Developing Countries’

The Communist Foreign Trade System. F. L. Pryor. Allen & Unwin, 293 pp, 40s.

This scholarly and painstaking work on the structures and evolution of ‘the other common market’ shows how far the Comecon countries have to go in order to evolve a common strategy which takes account of the individual interests of each country. Well into the mid-1950s the incompetence of Communist planning remained its most striking characteristic. An imprortant point which arises from the work are fears of countries like Rumania that Russian-dominated planning works to keep under-developed Communist countries as under-developed suppliers of raw materials to the more advanced Communist countries in a sort of Soviet tutelage expressed by a pricing system based on capitalist world prices which notoriously disfavour primary producers. One point which is made is that the position of the weaker Communist countries is strengthened to the extent that they manage to diversify their trading relations outside the Comecon area. A basic work for those interested in the economic development and relations of the Communist bloc. t.w.

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T. W., ‘'The Communist Foreign Trade System'; 'Corruption in Developing Countries'’, NLR I/23: £3

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