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New Left Review I/23, January-February 1964


‘Mafia Vendetta’

Mafia Vendetta. Leonardo Sciascia. Jonathan Cape, 15s.

This novel, short, soberly written, and yet explosively effective can perhaps be usefully compared to Rosi’s film Hands over the city. Sciascia tells the story of an intelligent, honest North Italian police captain, with a resistance past, posted to a Sicilian town where his investigation of two killings leads him to the Mafia boss, Don Mariano. From his arrival the captain is classed as a ‘Communist’ and a ‘subversive’ on account of his conscientious approach to his duties. Now he has caused real trouble, and a whole network of protectors from lawyers and a deputy to the Rome parliament to a minister and a high dignitary of the Church has to be tapped before the case which he has built up can be destroyed.

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Quintin Hoare, ‘'Mafia Vendetta'’, NLR I/23: £3

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