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New Left Review I/23, January-February 1964

Ernst Wangermann

‘Wirtschaftswunder Oder Keines?’ (Economic Miracle or Not?)

Wirtschaftswunder Oder Keines? (Economic Miracle or Not?) by Theodor Prager; Europa Verlag, Vienna, 1963.

The publishing house of the Austrian T.U.C. has recently launched a paperback series entitled ‘European Perspectives’. The editors’ aim is ‘to demolish walls the creation of which has become fashionable in our time’. One of the first walls they have demolished is that of the intellectual ghetto to which the Austrian Establishment had hitherto confined the Communists. For the Europa Verlag has brought out an analysis of post-war expansionist capitalism by the Marxist economist Dr. Theodor Prager.

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Ernst Wangerman, ‘'Wirtschaftswunder Oder Keines?' (Economic Miracle or Not?)’, NLR I/23: £3

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