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  1. Isaac Deutscher: Three Currents in Communism
  2. Tom Nairn: The British Political Elite
  3. Perry Anderson: Origins of the Present Crisis
  4. Andre Gorz: Common Market Agriculture
  5. New Left Review: Contraceptives
  6. L. R.: Nazim Hikmet
  7. Janet Jagan: Guyana
  8. New Left Review: Echoes of Zhdanov
  9. New Left Review: Vatican Council
  10. New Left Review: Imperialist 'Anti-Imperialism'
  11. John Crutchley: Robbins and Newsom
  12. New Left Review: Who Buries Whom?
  13. Ken Coates: Workers' Control
  14. Richard Fletcher: Labour and Foreign Trade
  15. Stanley Mitchell: Marxism and Art
  16. New Left Review: Introduction to 'Motifs'
  17. Michael Parsons: John Cage
  18. Lee Russell: Samuel Fuller
  19. Alan Beckett: Cecil Taylor
  20. Victor Kiernan: Imperial Spain 1469-1716
  21. Ernst Wangerman: 'Wirtschaftswunder Oder Keines?' (Economic Miracle or Not?)
  22. Tom Wengraf: Disclosure in Company Accounts
  23. Alberto Ciria: 'A History of Latin America'; 'Latin American Politics in Perspective'
  24. T. W.: 'The Communist Foreign Trade System'; 'Corruption in Developing Countries'
  25. J. M.: 'Dickens and Crime'; 'Dickens and Kafka'
  26. Henry Lester: 'The Car-Makers'
  27. L. R.: 'Ghenghis Khan'; 'The Builders of the Mogul Empire'
  28. Martin Malek: 'The Religions of the Oppressed'
  29. L. R.: 'Dead Fingers Talk'
  30. Quintin Hoare: 'Mafia Vendetta'
  31. Quintin Hoare: 'Education and Society in Modern France'
  32. James Wilcox: 'Peking and Moscow'
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