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New Left Review I/228, March-April 1998

Gilbert Achcar

The Strategic Triad: The United States, Russia and China

The official end of the Cold War, marked by the growing incapacity and then the collapse of the Soviet Union, inevitably meant a reduction of us military expenditure. This had long been regarded as essential from a strictly economic point of view: the extraordinary prodigality of the Reagan years, with a military budget that at its peak in 1985—after adjustment for inflation—beat all post-1945 records, including those during the Korean and Vietnam wars, had been a major contributing factor to an enormous budget deficit, inflating an astronomical and ever-increasing public debt. [1] This article has benefitted from criticism and comments from members of the cirpes(ehess Paris), especially its director Alain Joxe, and Maurice Ronai, and I extend my gratitude to all of them. It goes without saying however that the views expressed herein are entirely my own responsibility.

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Gilbert Achcar, ‘The Strategic Triad: The United States, Russia, and China’, NLR I/228: £3

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