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  1. Linda Weiss: Globalization and the Myth of the Powerless State
  2. Slavoj Zizek: Multiculturalism, or, the Cultural Logic of Multinational Capitalism
  3. Kim Moody: Towards an International Social Movement Unionism
  4. Howard Winant: Behind Blue Eyes: Whiteness and Contemporary US Racial Politics
  5. J. M. Bernstein: Against Voluptuous Bodies: Of Satiation Without Happiness
  6. Andrew Bowie: Confessions of a 'New Aeshete': A Response to the 'New Philistines'
  7. John Howe: Fela Anikulapo Kuti: A Honest Man
  8. Maurice Glasman: The Siege of German Social Market
  9. David Goldblatt: At the Limits of Political Possibility: The Cosmopolitan Democratic Project
  10. Christopher Prendergast: Utopia
  11. Robert Conquest: Stalin’s Victims: A Reply to R. W. Davies
  12. R. W. Davies: Reply to Robert Conquest
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