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New Left Review I/224, July-August 1997

Tom Nairn

Sovereignty After the Election

I desire a perfect Union of Lawes and persons, and such a Naturalizing as may make one body of both Kingdomes under mee your King. That I and my posteritie (if it so please God) may rule over you to the world’s ende; Such an Union as was of the Scots and Pictes in Scotland, and of the Heptarchie here in England. And for Scotland I avow such an Union, as if you had got it by Conquest, but such a Conquest as may be cemented by love, the only sure bond of subjection or friendship. –King James vith and 1st, Speech to Both Houses of Parliament at Whitehall, 31 March 1607 [1] This and other references to King James are from Johann Sommerville’s King James VI and I: Political Writings, Cambridge 1994.

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Tom Nairn, ‘Sovereignty After the Election’, NLR I/224: £3

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