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New Left Review I/220, November-December 1996

Richard Gott

Che Guevara and the Congo

It’s Che Guevara time again in the pleasure gardens of the West, as publishers and television companies gear themselves up for the thirtieth anniversary of the guerrilla leader’s death in 1997. We’ve already had the early motorcycle diaries, published all over Europe in 1995, and no less than four new books about the sixties hero appeared in France in 1995. [1] Ernesto Che Guevara, The Motorcycle Diaries. A Journey Around South America, trans. Ann Wright, Verso, London 1995. Among the French books are Jean Cormier (with the collaboration of Hilda Guevara and Alberto Granado), Che Guevara, Paris 1995; Dariel Alarcón Ramírez (Benigno) and Mariano Rodríguez, Les Survivants du Che, Paris 1995; Ernesto Che Guevara (with a preface by Fran¸ois Maspero),Journal de Bolivie, Paris 1995. Half a dozen new biographies are known to be on the launching pad.

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