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  1. Jurgen Habermas: National Unification and Popular Sovereignty
  2. Paik Nak-chung: Habermas on National Unification in Germany and Korea
  3. Malcolm Bull: The Ecstasy of Philistinism
  4. Richard Minns: The Social Ownership of Capital
  5. David Coates: Labour Governments: Old Constraints and New Parameters
  6. Conrad Russell: New Labour: Old Tory Writ Large?
  7. John Frow: Information as Gift and Commodity
  8. Robert Pollin: Contemporary Economic Stagnation in World Historical Perspective
  9. Jack Goody: Women, Class and Family
  10. Lin Chun: Reply to Dorothy Thompson and Fred Inglis
  11. Michael Kenny: Interpreting the New Left: Pitfalls and Opportunities
  12. Robert Conquest: Excess Deaths in the Soviet Union
  13. R. W. Davies: Reply to Robert Conquest
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