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New Left Review I/217, May-June 1996

Ariel Salleh

An Ecofeminist Bio-Ethic and What Post-Humanism Really Means

A holocaust goes on among us: tomorrow at dawn, another ancient plant or bird will be extinct; nine-hundred million people starve; [1] Press release no. 8330, un General Assembly, New York 1995. dammed-up rivers run sour and parched soils crack open; continents swarm with environmental refugees; man-made viruses are unleashed; silently, an ozone hole and electro-magnetic radiation cull new cancer victims; oil spills suffocate sea life and melting seas threaten island communities; body parts and dna are carved up and traded; city people breathe sulphurous air, their food laced with wartime pesticides; and mothers bear limbless jelly babies from nuclear fallout that rings the globe. Will you too, close your eyes to these crimes, the linear model of ‘progress’ exported by an enlightened West?

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Ariel Salleh, ‘An Ecofeminist Bio-ethic and What Post-Humanism Really Means’, NLR I/217: £3

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