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  1. Robert Wade: Japan, the World Bank, and the Art of Paradigm Maintenance: The East Asian Miracle in Political Perspective
  2. Eric Hobsbawm: Identity Politics and the Left
  3. Mike Davis: Cosmic Dancers on History’s Stage? The Permanent Revolution in the Earth Sciences
  4. Anonymous: Paul T-- Investigates
  5. Finn Bowring: Misreading Gorz
  6. Tobias Abse: The Left’s Advance in Italy
  7. Mary Mellor: Myths and Realities: A Reply to Cecile Jackson
  8. Ariel Salleh: An Ecofeminist Bio-ethic and What Post-Humanism Really Means
  9. Cecile Jackson: Still Stirred by the Promise of Modernity
  10. Roy Edgley: Anarchy in Academia
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