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New Left Review I/215, January-February 1996

Ted Benton

The Politics of Animal Rights—Where is the Left?

At the beginning of 1995, in the midst of a generalized governmental crisis, with accusations of ‘sleaze’ and corruption in high places, historically high levels of unemployment, fears about the commercialization of the health service and unprecedented government unpopularity, the political system was suddenly rocked by an explosion of protest—about the live export of veal calves! [1] The authors wish to thank the Brightlingsea activists for giving their time and thoughts, and also Robin Blackburn and David Fernbach for their helpful comments on an earlier draft of this article. Much of the reaction of the Left has been, predictably enough, sceptical and dismissive. Even Red Pepper, the leading forum for red/green politics in the uk, concluded a survey of the new wave of protests in sharply disdainful tones:

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Ted Benton, Simon Redfearn, ‘The Politics of Animal Rights - Where is the Left?’, NLR I/215: £3

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