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New Left Review I/215, January-February 1996

Luis Fernandes

From Foquismo to Reformismo: Castañeda and the Latin American Left

No plan survives contact with the enemy. Field-Marshall Helmuth Carl Bernard Von Molthe (1800–91)

The nlr carried a generally favourable review by James Dunkerley of Jorge Castañeda’s Utopia Unarmed: The Latin American Left after the Cold War which was written from a largely Spanish-American perspective. [1] James Dunkerley, ‘Beyond Utopia: The State of the Left in Latin America’, nlr 206, pp. 27–43. In September 1994, shortly after this review appeared, a Brazilian edition of the book was published with a modified subtitle. [2] Jorge Castañeda, Utopia Desarmada: Intrigas, dilemas e promessas da esquerda latino-americana, São Paulo 1994. All references are made to this edition. Castañeda came to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to launch this new Portuguese-language version. Yet, despite a well-concocted promotion, Utopia Unarmed has not aroused the same passionate polemic in the political and academic circles of Brazil as it did in the us and the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America.

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Luis Fernandes, ‘From Foquismo to Reformismo: Castaneda and the Latin American Left’, NLR I/215: £3

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