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New Left Review I/214, November-December 1995

Lucio Magri

The Resistable Rise of the Italian Right

In the last few years Italian political events have attracted the attention of many in Europe who have been particularly impressed by two startling occurrences: the successful manipulation of the masses by the media, especially television, and the entrance of a neo-fascist party into government. Very few, however, have tried to analyze the reasons for these events or to grasp the general, persistent tendencies which underlie them. As a consequence, these Italian incidents have been quickly passed over, taken as mere anomalies tied to a particular national context and to transitory circumstances, or as an interesting manifestation of some of the inconveniences of modern democracy—alarming perhaps but nonetheless a minority concern and entirely controllable.

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Lucio Magri, ‘The Resistible Rise of the Italian Right’, NLR I/214: £3

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