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  1. Andrew Gamble: The Crisis of Conservatism
  2. Robert Pollin: Financial Structures and Egalitarian Economic Policy
  3. R. W. Davies: Forced Labour Under Stalin: The Archive Revelations
  4. Göran Therborn: The Autobiography of the Twentieth Century
  5. Tom Nairn: Breakwaters of 2000: From Ethnic to Civic Nationalism
  6. Michael Mann: As the Twentieth Century Ages
  7. Lucio Magri: The Resistible Rise of the Italian Right
  8. Régis Debray: Remarks on the Spectacle
  9. Melissa Lane: Tom Paine and Civil Society
  10. Benedict Anderson: Ice Empire and Ice Hockey: Two Fin de Siecle Dreams
  11. John Grahl: Renewing the Left
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