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  1. Peter Gowan: Neo-Liberal Theory and Practice for Eastern Europe
  2. Peter Townsend: Persuasion and Conformity: An Assessment of the Borrie Report on Social Justice
  3. Norman Geras: Human Nature and Progress
  4. Peter Dews: The Limits of Disenchantment
  5. Michele Salvati: The Crisis of Government in Italy
  6. Robin Blackburn: Ernest Mandel 1923-1995
  7. Tariq Ali, Ernest Mandel: The Luck of a Crazy Youth (Interview with Ernest Mandel)
  8. Frances Fox Piven: Is It Global Economics or Neo-Laissez-Faire?
  9. Fred Pfeil: Sympathy for the Devils: Notes on Some White Guys in the Ridiculous Class War
  10. Nadine Gordimer: Violence and Mr de Klerk’s Line of Duty
  11. Terry Eagleton: Ireland’s Obdurate Nationalisms