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New Left Review I/209, January-February 1995

Stuart Hall

Negotiating Caribbean Identities

In this lecture I will address questions of Caribbean culture and identity. I want to suggest that such questions are not in any sense separate or removed from the problems of political mobilization, of cultural development, of economic development and so on. The more we know and see of the struggles of the societies of the periphery to make something of the slender resources available to them, the more important we understand the questions and problems of cultural identity to be in that process. I want to examine some of the themes of a topic which has been richly explored by Caribbean writers and artists—cultural identity presenting itself always as a problem to Caribbean people. [1] This text was given as the 1993 Walter Rodney Memorial Lecture, at the kind invitation of Professor Alastair Hennessy, Centre for Caribbean Studies, University of Warwick.

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