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New Left Review I/206, July-August 1994

Robin Blackburn

Ralph Miliband 1924–1994

The death of Ralph Miliband in May, shortly after his seventieth birthday, takes from us an outstanding advocate of democratic socialism, the leading Marxist political scientist in the English-speaking world, and someone who was an inspiration to several generations of the New Left. Ralph Miliband was, of course, a founder editor of this journal and subsequently a frequent contributor to it. He was co-editor of The Socialist Register from its first appearance in 1964 until his death and the author of a stream of books and articles analysing the nature of contemporary capitalism and the problems of socialist politics. On many occasions the editors of nlr had cause to be grateful for Ralph’s counsel and support.

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Robin Blackburn, ‘Ralph Miliband 1924-1994’, NLR I/206: £3

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