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  1. Ralph Miliband: The Plausibility of Socialism
  2. Robin Blackburn: Ralph Miliband 1924-1994
  3. Frances Fox Piven: Reflections on Ralph Miliband
  4. James Dunkerley: Beyond Utopia: The State of the Left in Latin America
  5. Eric Hobsbawm: Barbarism: A User’s Guide
  6. Stefan Berger: Nationalism and the Left in Germany
  7. Gavin Bowd: 'C'est la lutte initiale': Steps in the Realignment of the French Left
  8. Franco Moretti: Modern European Literature: A Geographical Sketch
  9. Gregory Elliott: Contentious Commitments: French Intellectuals and Politics
  10. Ellen Dubois: Antipodean Feminism
  11. Tadeusz Kowalik: A Reply to Maurice Glasman
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