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New Left Review I/204, March-April 1994

William J. Chambliss

Don’t Confuse Me With Facts: Clinton ‘Just Says No’

The us Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders spoke the unspeakable at a press conference on 8 December 1993. She courageously suggested that the government look at the experience of countries that had decriminalized drugs. She said it was her understanding that in other countries the crime rate and the incidence of drug abuse had actually declined with legalization. The White House was apoplectic and dismissed the idea out of hand. The administration’s disavowals came faster than planes flying cocaine from Venezuela to Miami: under no circumstances would there be such an inquiry.

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William J. Chambliss, ‘Don't Confuse Me with Facts: Clinton 'Just Says No'’, NLR I/204: £3

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