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New Left Review I/203, January-February 1994

Jürgen Habermas, Adam Michnik

Overcoming the Past

I would like your very different biographies and your experiences with the European Left to encounter each other as it were in a discussion on Germany, on ‘overcoming the past’, on the legacy of socialism, on Europe and the lack of synchrony between Germany and Poland. The similarities and differences can then be indicated by your both considering the same questions. We could start perhaps with the year 1989: was the fall of the Wall and German unification an equal surprise for the two of you? [1] This discussion, held in Warsaw last November, was chaired by Adam Krzemiński. The German version appeared in Die Zeit, 17 December 1993.

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Jurgen Habermas, Adam Michnik, ‘Overcoming the Past’, NLR I/203: £3

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