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New Left Review I/201, September-October 1993

Peter Linebaugh

From the Upper West Side to Wick Episcopi

don’t go barefoot to a snake-stomping!
loosen your wigs!
It’s no use hooking them both on the same circuit—
The English and American traditions.
It won’t take the play out of the loose eccentrics.
Cattlemen, sheepmen and outlaws, that’s American writing,
And few enough outlaws at that.
And it’s no use
For the lonesome radicals to raise up the ghost of Tom Paine,
Los Muertos no hablan
Them dead don’t walk, either.
No, ghost-eaters, they’d like
To cuddle up to the bourgeois liberal tradition—

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Peter Linebaugh, ‘From the Upper West Side to Wick Episcopi’, NLR I/201: £3

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