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  1. Robin Blackburn: Edward Thompson and the New Left
  2. Penelope Corfield: E.P. Thompson, The Historian: an Appreciation
  3. Peter Linebaugh: From the Upper West Side to Wick Episcopi
  4. Edward Thompson: Anti-Hegemony: The Legacy of William Blake
  5. Lin Chun: China Today: 'Money Dissolves the Commune'
  6. Alexander Cockburn: 'Win-Win' with Bruce Babbitt: The Clinton Administration Meets the Environment
  7. Andrea Boltho: Western Europe’s Economic Stagnation
  8. Jane Jenson, Rianne Mahon: Representing Solidarity: Class, Gender and the Crisis in Social-Democratic Sweden
  9. Michael Chanan: A Quartet for Our Times
  10. Len Doyal: Thinking about Human Need
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