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  1. Theodor Adorno: Messages in a Bottle
  2. Karel van Wolferen: Japan in the Age of Uncertainty
  3. Tom Nairn: The Sole Survivor
  4. Mike Davis: The Dead West; Ecocide in Marlboro Country
  5. Carlo Ginzburg: Witches and Shamans
  6. Dorothy Thompson: The Personal and the Political
  7. Johanna Brenner: The Best of Times, the Worst of Times: US Feminism Today
  8. Christopher Hitchens: Something About the Poetry: Larkin and 'Sensitivity'
  9. Ralph Miliband: Harold Laski: An Exemplary Public Intellectual
  10. Nicos Mouzelis: The Balance Sheet of the Left
  11. Göran Therborn: Reply to Mouzelis
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