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New Left Review I/195, September-October 1992

Joan Hall

Taking Women’s Work for Granted

Lucio Magri’s article on the European Left, in nlr 189, [*] Lucio Magri, ‘The European Left Between Crisis and Refoundation’, nlr 189, September–October 1991, pp. 5–18. presents an unusually positive and encouraging perspective for radical politics in the coming years, discussing with welcome realism the most disastrous aspects of recent history. It is a valuable aid in what for some of us is a hard fight against despair, and for that we must all be grateful. Nevertheless, the article almost completely disregards a point which is not only important but probably essential to any decisive forward movement in the future: the role of women.

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Joan Hall, ‘Taking Women’s Work for Granted’, NLR I/195: £3

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