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New Left Review I/184, November-December 1990

Alan Carling

In Defence of Rational Choice: A Reply to Ellen Meiksins Wood

Ellen Meiksins Wood has delivered a sweeping broadside against the idea that Rational Choice Marxism (rcm) might hoist a standard around which the intellectual forces of the left could rally. [1] Ellen Meiksins Wood, ‘Rational Choice Marxism: Is the Game Worth the Candle?’, nlr 177, September–October 1989, pp. 41–88 (hereafter Wood). Many of her arguments regarding the limitations of rcm I accept (indeed, some of them I have voiced myself), others I reject, and yet others seem directed against a target I cannot recognize in myself, or any of the other writers whom Wood despatches with such unrelenting hostility.

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Alan Carling, ‘In Defence of Rational Choice: A Reply to Ellen Meiksins Wood’, NLR I/184: £3

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