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  1. Peter Burger: Aporias of Modern Aesthetics
  2. Alex Callinicos: The Limits of 'Political Marxism'
  3. Alan Carling: In Defence of Rational Choice: A Reply to Ellen Meiksins Wood
  4. Andre Gorz: The New Agenda
  5. Fred Halliday: The Crisis of the Arab World: The False Answers of Saddam Hussein
  6. Jane Jenson: Different But Not Exceptional: The Feminism of Permeable Fordism
  7. Staughton Lynd: Trade Unionism in the USA
  8. Kim Moody: A Reply to Staughton Lynd
  9. Ronald Suny: The Revenge of the Past: Socialism and Ethnic Conflict in Transcaucasia
  10. Ellen Meiksins Wood: Explaining Everything or Nothing?