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New Left Review I/18, January-February 1963

Marcel Liebman

Communication on ‘Survey’

We have received the following communication from Marcel Liebman. We print it as a matter of interest to readers.

Dear Sir,

At the end of 1960, I published in the Amsterdam International Review of Social History the first of two instalments of a lengthy study on the Webbs and Soviet Communism. The second instalment appeared at the beginning of 1961. In November of that year, I was asked by the Editor of Survey to allow translation and publication of this study in a special number which Survey proposed to devote to The Western Image of the Soviet Union. Despite certain misgivings, I agreed, and I also agreed that, because of the length of my essay, Survey should only publish the second half of it. I have since found out from bitter experience that to entrust my essay to Survey was a grave mistake and I think that readers of New Left Review might find it useful to know how a journal with no mean pretensions to cultural integrity actually handles material, the publication of which it deems useful, but the objective nature of which it finds awkward.

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Marcel Liebman, ‘Communication on 'Survey'’, NLR I/18: £3

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