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  1. Bruce Cumings: The Abortive Abertura: South Korea in the Light of Latin American Experience
  2. Alexander Cockburn: Introduction to Hecht Interview
  3. Susanna Hecht: Trees, Cows and Cocaine: An Interview with Susanna Hecht
  4. Susanna Hecht: Chico Mendes: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
  5. Erich Fried: Poetry and Politics: A Conversation with Stuart Hood
  6. Eric Hobsbawm: Farewell to the Classic Labour Movement?
  7. Cynthia Sarti: The Panorama of Brazilian Feminism
  8. Perry Anderson: Roberto Unger and the Politics of Empowerment
  9. Michael Rustin: Post-Kleinian Psychoanalysis and the Post-Modern
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