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New Left Review I/169, May-June 1988

Abel Aganbegyan

New Directions in Soviet Economics

Perestroika in the Soviet Union is a revolutionary renewal of the whole of Soviet society. It is not confined to economic change. [1] A lecture by Professor Abel Aganbegyan at Manchester University Faculty of Social Studies, 26 November 1987, from notes taken by Michael Barratt-Brown. That is, of course, my special interest as an economist, but the economic restructuring that has already begun cannot be separated from all the other aspects of perestroika. We plan to step up the pace of growth in the economy, but this cannot be separated from the process of democratization and of what we call glasnost, a greater openness in all aspects of government and social organization. The economic changes which are taking place are all based on a re-examination of Soviet history, of the successes and the failures, the periods of reform and growth as well as of degeneracy and stagnation, not forgetting a proper appreciation of the appalling destruction of two world wars and the heroic struggle of the Soviet people to survive and rebuild their shattered lives.

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Abel Aganbegyan, ‘New Directions in Soviet Economics’, NLR I/169: £3

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