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New Left Review I/150, March-April 1985

Michèle Barrett

Weir and Wilson on Feminist Politics

Angela Weir and Elizabeth Wilson begin their assessment of ‘The British Women’s Movement’ with an acknowledgement of the necessarily partial character of their critique and a declaration that their intention is not a destructive one. Yet despite the benefits of discussion and re-assessment that have accrued to socialist-feminists as a result of both their article and the pamphlet from which it originated, [1] New Left Review 148 pp. 74–103; Ben Fine, Laurence Harris, Marjorie Mayo, Angela Weir and Elizabeth Wilson, Class Politics: An Answer To Its Critics, London 1984. the exercise as a whole has, I believe, been not merely partial but sectarian in its motivation, and destructive rather than positive in its effect. I do not propose here to provide a comprehensive reply to the many issues raised in their article, simply to make some general observations about their arguments and to counter some of the specific points made.

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Michele Barrett, ‘Weir and Wilson on Feminist Politics’, NLR I/150: £3

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