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New Left Review I/142, November-December 1983

Roy Medvedev

The USSR and China: Confrontation or Detente?

Difficulties in relations between the cpsu and the Chinese Communists existed before Mao Tse-tung came to power in Peking and they were apparent in the first negotiations in Moscow with the Party-Government delegation of the Chinese People’s Republic. At the time, however, the existence of these difficulties was not widely known. The major feature of relations between our countries after the proclamation of the Chinese People’s Republic in 1949 was ever-developing collaboration; as early as 1950, hundreds of Soviet specialists were sent to China to help in its economic restoration and, simultaneously, thousands of young Chinese came to the Soviet Union to study in higher educational institutions, technical schools and factories. Stalin frequently talked at that time about the ‘great and indestructible friendship between the ussr and China’, calling on the Chinese to ‘learn from the ussr’. Mao Tse-tung even more frequently talked about the ‘eternal friendship’ between our countries.

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Roy Medvedev, ‘The USSR and China: Confrontation or Detente?’, NLR I/142: £3

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